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How Can Your Manufacturing Company Can Take Advantage of Section 179?!

Tax Benefits of Section 179 plus deferred payment How to drastically reduce your tax bill and increase cash flow How to delay payment, produce parts until February with no machine cost!   We’ve all seen a lot of articles written on the internet about the Benefits of Section 179. We’ve partnered with Manufafacturers Capital in order to offer you those benefits PLUS a deferred payment that will allow you to buy a machine, get the cash coming off of the revenue of the machine and not pay any cash out for a number of months. Thus, you can drastically reduce your tax bill AND increase cash flow For Example: New machine Purchase (prior to ...

The Fastest Turning Center in the World vs. Swiss

The Machine Overview and basic specs Pictures of 2015 Eurotech Rapido Video of Rapido Machining AR-15 Bolt Advantages over Swiss   EUROTECH (year 2015) Rapido B436-Y2 | Dual Turret CNC Lathe - Turn/Mill Center Specs 1.5" bar capacity 2 turrets. 2 Y-axes, Supershift sub spindle that can super impose on either upper or lower turrets “Triplo” sub spindle and software delivers 3 tools in the cut simultaneously Rigid fixed head stock design 10 axis turn/mill machining center  (2) 12 Station live Turrets 1.97” of Y-Axis Stroke (2) 7000 rpm C-Axis Spindles 15 HP on main and sub spindles Progra...

2010 Fryer SL-8 Lathe. “Like Brand New” – video below

 Machine Summary Control General Specs Video of the machine Running The perfect choice for shops requiring high rigidity, accuracy and ease of use in a lathe. Machine summary- Our Fryer SL-8 2" Slant Bed Lathe is a single turret, single spindle lathe with a tail stock. It features a true 45° slant bed and box ways for greater rigidity. An ultra precision spindle cartridge, C1 class double-nut ballscrews and other premium components provide accuracy unmatched by any other lathe in this class. The Touch 2200 digital CNC is incredibly easy to use and features fast set-up and conversational programming. It comes equipped with an 8 inch ...

Inspected by certified technician. “Incredible – Beautiful Condition” 2013 Samsung MCV 380TD Pallet Changing Machining Center

"Productivity Visualized in a VMC": this 2013 Samsung MCV 380 TD is a Vertical Pallet Changing Machining Center designed for maximum machining productivity. Full Inspection Report Available. The model in our inventory comes with a lift up chip conveyor system, a 20 tool double arm ATC, an Auto indexing pallet table, through the spindle coolant, and a 12,000 rpm spindle with rigid tapping. Major construction advantages are the dual table pallet changing system and wide linear guide ways to  provide maximum speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Control Tooling General Specs The Control- The Samsung MCV Machining center comes with a ...

Items Needed to Perform Preventative Maintenance on your CNC Machine

Here it is - as requested, a complete list of the items you'll need to perform your Preventative Maintenance on your CNC machines. 1. Vacuum Cleaner 2. Oil / Coolant Transfer Pump 3. Hoses for Pump 4. 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets 5. Grease Cutting Cleaner 6. Spray Bottles 7. Rags 8. Disposable Filter Material 9. Paint Scrapers 10. Scrub Brushes 11. Scotch Brite 12. Disposable Gloves 13. Funnel Electric Pressure washer would be a nice addition! To get a preventative machine checklist to download, click here>

“Affordable CNC Swiss Precision and Speed/ The used Star SA-12 CNC Lathe”

The Star SA-12 is a precision Swiss lathe. We currently have in stock 4 of these units in the 3 live tool set up (more detail below). They have been run with oil since they were put into production and have been well taken care of. In this article, we hope to answer all of your questions but in case we do not or if you would like more information, please contact us. Control Tooling General Specs Accessories First things first, the control-The Star SA-12's in our inventory are equipped with Fanuc 18iT Controls. Arguably, one of the most reliable CNC controls, Fanuc controls are easily justifiable on used machine. Typically, a bad control, drive, ...

FL Summer Heat = Warehouse Inventory Sale

Our service team is working quickly to give you some great deals on used machinery, inspected and certified. We are also now taking video demos of the machines running so you can buy with confidence. We invite you to visit our warehouse in Florida (just North of Tampa). See a list below of available machines. Looking to sell a machine? For a quick appraisal, Click here> Warehouse Inventory Sale = Eurotech Rapido 2015 and Eurotech Rapido 2012, Daewoo Puma 300GL, 2007 YCM MV106A VMC, Citizen L20 Swiss Lathe, and the 2013 Eurotech Trofeo B446SY2.

Used CNC Lathe – Eurotech Rapido

USED CNC MACHINE: EUROTECH (year 2015) Rapido B436-Y2 | Dual Turret CNC Lathe - Turn/Mill Center EXCELLENT CONDITION, FULL INSPECTION REPORT AND VIDEO: https://dn413-da32bc.pages.infusionsoft.net 1.5" bar capacity, 2 turrets. 2 Y-axes, Supershift sub spindle that can super impose on either upper or lower turrets