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Daewoo Puma 300GL

Machine Inspection - Daewoo Puma 300 GL Overview Control Gantry System video of operation Specs Pictures Contact  The Daewoo Puma 300 GL is a powerful 2 axis 35 HP lathe with a 4 inch through hole. It comes with a full gantry system (more details below), chip conveyor, tooling package,  and a 12" quick change chuck. Is is a single turret build with a 10 position turret. The Gantry Loading System is setup with an overhead loading gantry arm, carousel type parts pool table, and  shaft gripper attachment for loading and unloading long parts. The included chuck is a 12" Pratt and Burnerd Quick Change Chuck run by a 35 HP spindle at 2800 RPM. ...

Used CNC Lathe – Eurotech Rapido

USED CNC MACHINE: EUROTECH (year 2015) Rapido B436-Y2 | Dual Turret CNC Lathe - Turn/Mill Center EXCELLENT CONDITION, FULL INSPECTION REPORT AND VIDEO: https://dn413-da32bc.pages.infusionsoft.net 1.5" bar capacity, 2 turrets. 2 Y-axes, Supershift sub spindle that can super impose on either upper or lower turrets