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How Can Your Manufacturing Company Can Take Advantage of Section 179?!

Tax Benefits of Section 179 plus deferred payment How to drastically reduce your tax bill and increase cash flow How to delay payment, produce parts until February with no machine cost!   We’ve all seen a lot of articles written on the internet about the Benefits of Section 179. We’ve partnered with Manufafacturers Capital in order to offer you those benefits PLUS a deferred payment that will allow you to buy a machine, get the cash coming off of the revenue of the machine and not pay any cash out for a number of months. Thus, you can drastically reduce your tax bill AND increase cash flow For Example: New machine Purchase (prior to ...

“Affordable CNC Swiss Precision and Speed/ The used Star SA-12 CNC Lathe”

The Star SA-12 is a precision Swiss lathe. We currently have in stock 4 of these units in the 3 live tool set up (more detail below). They have been run with oil since they were put into production and have been well taken care of. In this article, we hope to answer all of your questions but in case we do not or if you would like more information, please contact us. Control Tooling General Specs Accessories First things first, the control-The Star SA-12's in our inventory are equipped with Fanuc 18iT Controls. Arguably, one of the most reliable CNC controls, Fanuc controls are easily justifiable on used machine. Typically, a bad control, drive, ...

Used CNC Lathe – Eurotech Rapido

USED CNC MACHINE: EUROTECH (year 2015) Rapido B436-Y2 | Dual Turret CNC Lathe - Turn/Mill Center EXCELLENT CONDITION, FULL INSPECTION REPORT AND VIDEO: https://dn413-da32bc.pages.infusionsoft.net 1.5" bar capacity, 2 turrets. 2 Y-axes, Supershift sub spindle that can super impose on either upper or lower turrets