Preventative Maintenance for CNC Machines – get a checklist!

A thorough preventative maintenance plan for your CNC machines can save you thousands of dollars. “Don’t let your CNC machines suffer from lack of maintenance. Keep them running at peak performance,” said Shane Jacobson with Eurotech. Shane and the Eurotech team of advanced engineers have worked in the service and support of CNC machines for over 25 years. Shane shared with us his quick “benefits of Preventative Maintenance” list:

  • Machines with planned maintenance have less failures.
  • Planned maintenance allows you to catch and address potential issues preventing major breakdowns.
  • Cleaning fans on motors and amplifiers ensures proper airflow and keeps such items from overheating…catch potential problems such as this early on and prevent inaccuracies.

Planned service is cheaper than unplanned downtime

According to a study by Plant Engineering, 61% of manufacturers use a “run to failure” approach for their machinery instead of doing preventive maintenance. The run to failure will result in a much higher probability of downtime and lost revenue.

By scheduling regular maintenance checks on your equipment you can avoid downtime. Preserve and restore you machine’s reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. An ideal machine maintenance program would prevent any unnecessary and costly repairs. If your machine isn’t producing, then you are losing revenue. While downtime is inevitable for servicing machinery and equipment, a good preventive maintenance plan will have considerable financial benefits.

Be Preventive, Not Reactive

In the study by Plant Engineering, 42% of manufacturers reported the leading cause of downtime was older equipment. Regular preventive maintenance can go a long way to save time and therefore help avoid losing money. Save money with a maintenance plan that is preventive, not reactive.

How often should you schedule your preventative maintenance?

According to the engineers at Eurotech Elite, the frequency of planned maintenance schedule should be determined by the number of run hours per week. If the machine runs 40 hours per week and only 1 shift then once per year is recommended. If your machine is running 24/7 then twice per year is recommended. If you machine hasn’t had a maintenance check done in a few years the first one will take a bit longer but after that if you stay with the program designed for you production level the time needed to complete the PM will be reduced.

The Cost of Preventative Maintenance

As a general rule, corrective maintenance is more costly than preventive maintenance. If anyone should doubt this, then just compare two similar plants or systems where one has a proactive maintenance program and the other a reactive maintenance program. Which one do you think has the lower overall maintenance cost and higher availability?

McKinsey Global Institute estimated that “predictive maintenance could reduce maintenance costs of factory equipment by 10 to 40 percent. Additionally, better predictive maintenance using IoT* can reduce equipment downtime by up to 50 percent and reduce equipment capital investment by 3 to 5 percent by extending the useful life of machinery. In manufacturing, these savings have a potential economic impact of nearly $630 billion per year in 2025.”

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