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2013 SAMSUNG MCV 380TD SN.121380009 / AS IS WHERE IS
Hours- Power On(41257) Operation(24339) Cut(13696)
Work done
ATC arm fingers

12,000 rpm Spindle
20 Tool pocket, Double Arm ATC
Though-Spindle Coolant System

Rigid Tapping
Operation Status Light (3 color)
APC System


Fine Grain one-piece Meehanite cast iron bed
Rigid triangular rib body structure for minimizing vibration and deformation under heavy machining
Anti-heat displacement spindle and headstock design
Ultra precision and high rigidity spindle bearings     

Wide and heavy duty linear guide ways 
High precision pre-tensioned large diameter ball screws for all axes 
Powerful and reliable Fanuc motors and drives system
Automatic lubrication through metered piston distributor
Way lube separation system     


20 tools double arm ATC
Auto indexing pallet table  
Thru the spindle coolant at 230 psi
12,000 rpm spindle
Rigid tapping
Machine work light : fluorescent lamp
3 Color status light
Coolant system with separate coolant tank
Telescopic way covers
Full splash guard
Spindle load meter
Lubrication system
Portable manual pulse generator
Programmable and data protection key switch
Leveling adjusting parts
Transportation parts
Machine Manuals: one (1) each (Electrical, Maintenance, Parts List, Operation / Maintenance)
Fanuc Machine Manual: one (1) each (Manual Guide i, Operators, Maintenance, Operators volumes 1 and 2

Power7.5 hp
RPM12,000 RPM
# ATC20

16.54” X 23.62” X 20.50” Vertical Machining Center with Automatic Pallet Changer, 12,000 RPM Spindle, 20 Tools, Double Arm ATC, Rigid Tapping and Through Spindle Coolant. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Floor Space (LxWxH): 158” X 70” X 98” Machine Weight: 9,921 LBS Power Capacity: 30 KVA X Axis: 20.50” Y Axis: 15.00” Z Axis: 13.80” Table Size: 16.54” X 23.62” Loading Capacity: 2-440 LBS Pallet Change Time: 4.5 Sec Spindle Speed: 12,000 RPM Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z): 1969 IPM, 1969 IPM, 1969 IPM Cutting Feed Rate: 787 IPM Spindle Drive Motor: 7.5 HP Feed Motor (X/Y/Z): 4.1 HP, 4.1 HP, 4.1 HP _____________________________________ TRAVEL X axis travel 20.50” Y axis travel             15.00” Z axis travel 13.80” Distance from table top to spindle nose 7.87”~ 21.65” Distance from column to spindle center 18.50” TABLE Table size 2- 16.54” x 23.62” Loading capacity (lbs.) 2 – 440 lbs. Pallet change time             4.5 sec. SPINDLE Spindle speed 12,000 rpm Maximum torque 26.0 ft.-lbs. AUTO TOOL CHANGER Tool shank BT30 Pull stud type MAS P30T-l Maximum tool diameter [adjacent empty]    2.56” [4.72”] Maximum tool length      7.9” Maximum tool weight     6.6 lbs. Tool changing method     Double swing arm Tool selection method     Random Tool changing time (T-T) 0.85 sec. Magazine capacity           20 FEED RATE Rapid traverse (X / Y / Z) 1969 ipm / 1969 ipm / 1969 ipm Cutting feed rate ipm 787 MOTORS Spindle drive motor 7.5 hp Feed motor (X / Y / Z) 4.1hp / 4.1hp / 4.1hp Slide ways LM Guide Coolant pump motor 0.54 hp Lubricant pump motor 0.02 hp MACHINE SIZE Floor space (L x W) 129” x 70” Machine height                            98” Mass of machine                           9,921 lbs. Total power capacity 30 kVA CNC System Fanuc 0i-MD FANUC 0i-MD CONTROL SPECIFICATIONS TYPE OF CONTROL 32-bit multiprocessor continuous-path control HARDWARE COMPONENTS 8.4” Color  TFT LCD screen Flash memory card interface USB Connection RS 232C interface Ethernet connection 110V AC outlet SCREEN DISPLAY Window oriented operator interface Display of current block during program execution Screen texts: English (other languages: optional) Actual cutting / Spindle speed display Alarm display and alarm history display Clock (function) display OPERATION Program protection on machine control panel 1280M part programming storage Number of registered programs: 400 Built-in run hour / Parts counter display Tool life management Automatic tool measurement and compensation (with tool length measurement option) Background editing Linear and circular and helical interpolation Help function MODES AUTOMATIC Control of AUTOMATIC mode by:  Feed hold and spindle stop Skip block Single block Dry run feedrate JOG (setup) MDI (manual data input) MACHINE CONFIGURATION FOR AXES Inch or metric programming Switchover between metric and inch for input and offsets, display, programmed traverse path Feedrate and rapid traverse: minimum input feedrate in inches / min.=0.0001 inches/ min. Revolution feedrate: minimum input feedrate in inches / rev. = 0.0001 inches / min. OVERRIDES, OFFSETS AND COMPENSATIONS Feedrate override 0% to 200% Rapid traverse override 0%, 25%, 50%, 100% Spindle speed override 50% to 120% 400 pairs of tool offsets Tool geometry / Wear compensation (G41, G42) Chamfering / Corner R compensation Backlash compensation CNC PROGRAMMING Diameter / Radius command Insertion of comments in the program Mirror image by each axis Stored stroke check 1st, 2nd reference position return 48 additional work coordinate system (G50), work coordinate system selection (G52 ~ G59) Skip function, optional block skip / 1 each Sub-program call (4 level) Searching function: Program no., Sequence no., and External work no. Absolute and incremental programming Dwell time can be programmed in seconds Single block by each axis, dry run Coordinate rotation (G68) SAFETY AND DIAGNOSTIC FUNCTIONS Safety routines permanently active for measuring circuits, over temperature, battery, voltage, memory, limit switches and fan monitoring Self diagnostics Contour monitoring Spindle monitoring