Florida, United States
Swiss Type Automatic Screw Machines
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• New 1-1/2" capacity
• Make complex parts complete
• Driven tools and "Y" axis
• Z3 axis on sub-spindle
• Near instant stock advance through unique collet clamping system.
• (2) 8-station turrets for balanced cutting and heavy stock removal.
• No hydraulics, for improved thermal stability.
• Compact design, conserves floor space.
• Powerful, rigid square way design for durability, stability, and accuracy.
• Attractive operator friendly design.
• Standard work light, flood coolant system and parts catcher unit.

Equipped With

Parts Accumulator High Pressure Pump Chip Conveyor 12 Foot FMB Bar Loader with hydraulic tan

Spindle Hole Dia38 mm

Dual Turret with Y-axis
 Coolant through the turret & tool 
Control: Fanuc 18iTB
 Simul. Control Axis: 6 (2+4) 
Least Input Increments: 0.0001in (diameter for X-axis)
 Stock Diameter: 1.500"
 Max. Machining Length: 9.8"
 Max. Drilling Dia.: .63" in 1045 steel
 Max Tapping Diameter: 1/2" in 1045 steel
 Height of Sp. Center: 1,000 mm (39.37")
 Spindle Speed: 60 to 5,000 rpm
 Motor Output: 11 kw (14.7 hp)
 Cutting Torque: 35 nm
 Spindle Indexing: C-axis (.01 degrees) 
Number of Turrets: 2 
Number of Mountable Plane: 8 surfaces per turret,
 3 tool locations per surface
Indexing Time: T1: 0.2 sec/pos. 
T2: 0.3 sec/pos. 
Idle Time (chip to chip): T1:0 to 1.5 sec
 T2: 0 to 1.7 sec
 Indexing Method: Servomotor
 Max. Speed of Drive Axis: T2 Turret 5,400 rpm
 Back Spindle: 
Spindle Speed: 60 to 5,000 rpm
 Motor Output: 5.5 kw (7.5 hp) 
Cutting Torque: 14 n-m
 Spindle Indexing: 5 deg. (72 div.)
 Stroke: X1,X2: 3.15" 
Z1: 9.8" 
Z2: 5.51"
 Y(T2 Turret): 3.15" (Y & SY) 
Z3: 11.22" 
Rapid Traverse: X1, Z1, Z2, Z3: 787 ipm 
X2: 472 ipm
 Y: 394 ipm (Y & SY models)
 Dimensions, Approx (w x d x h): 139 x 81 x 70" 
Weight (Approx): 11,500 lbs