Swiss Type Automatic Screw Machines
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• New 1-1/2" capacity • Make complex parts complete • Driven tools and "Y" axis • Z3 axis on sub-spindle • Near instant stock advance through unique collet clamping system. • (2) 8-station turrets for balanced cutting and heavy stock removal. • No hydraulics, for improved thermal stability. • Compact design, conserves floor space. • Powerful, rigid square way design for durability, stability, and accuracy. • Attractive operator friendly design. • Standard work light, flood coolant system and parts catcher unit.

Equipped With

Parts Accumulator Chip Conveyor MP Systems High Pressure Pump 12 Foot FMB Turbo 5-55 Bar Loader

Spindle Hole Dia38 mm

Dual Turret with Y-axis
 Coolant through the turret & tool 
Control: Fanuc 18iTB
 Simul. Control Axis: 6 (2+4) 
Least Input Increments: 0.0001in (diameter for X-axis)
 Stock Diameter: 1.500"
 Max. Machining Length: 9.8"
 Max. Drilling Dia.: .63" in 1045 steel
 Max Tapping Diameter: 1/2" in 1045 steel
 Height of Sp. Center: 1,000 mm (39.37")
 Spindle Speed: 60 to 5,000 rpm
 Motor Output: 11 kw (14.7 hp)
 Cutting Torque: 35 nm
 Spindle Indexing: C-axis (.01 degrees) 
Number of Turrets: 2 
Number of Mountable Plane: 8 surfaces per turret,
 3 tool locations per surface
Indexing Time: T1: 0.2 sec/pos. 
T2: 0.3 sec/pos. 
Idle Time (chip to chip): T1:0 to 1.5 sec
 T2: 0 to 1.7 sec
 Indexing Method: Servomotor
 Max. Speed of Drive Axis: T2 Turret 5,400 rpm
 Back Spindle: 
Spindle Speed: 60 to 5,000 rpm
 Motor Output: 5.5 kw (7.5 hp) 
Cutting Torque: 14 n-m
 Spindle Indexing: 5 deg. (72 div.)
 Stroke: X1,X2: 3.15" 
Z1: 9.8" 
Z2: 5.51"
 Y(T2 Turret): 3.15" (Y & SY) 
Z3: 11.22" 
Rapid Traverse: X1, Z1, Z2, Z3: 787 ipm 
X2: 472 ipm
 Y: 394 ipm (Y & SY models)
 Dimensions, Approx (w x d x h): 139 x 81 x 70" 
Weight (Approx): 11,500 lbs