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Swiss Type Automatic Screw Machines
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2016 EUROTECH XTREME 32 SLY2-B SN.3280320

Hours- Power On(1657) Operation(496)


• Mitsubishi 700 Control. Completely loaded with many options
• 32mm bar capacity
• Graphics parts cutting display
•Quick change from guide bushing to collet-only
• High-speed microprocessor CNC system
• 2 Tools in cut simultaneously
• 9-axis simultaneous machining (SLY2-B)
• 10 HP main spindle for first operation work
• 9.7 HP pick-off spindle for secondary operation work (with sub spindle models)
• C-axis on main & sub spindle
• 360° B-axis on main tool slide with 8 tool positions
• Disc brake Hydraulic position lock on sub spindle
• Live guide bushing
• Sub spindle provides the capability to finish both sides of a work piece in a single operation
• Automatic part transfer from the main spindle to the pick-off spindle
• Generous number of driven and static tool holders standard - 31
• Parts catcher and conveyor are standard equipment
• Parts bucket is standard equipment
• Rigid tapping on main and sub and live-tool spindles
• Pick-off spindle Ejector (optional coolant thru)
• 10 horsepower wide range constant output main spindle motor (integral with spindle)
• 9.7 horsepower synchronized sub spindle motor (integral with spindle)
• 2.0 horsepower driven tooling
• 709 IPM rapids on all X, Y, Z axes
• Work light
• Automatic part off detection
• Auto-power on/off for unattended machining
• 5,000 RPM on main spindle
• 5,000 RPM on sub spindle
• 6,000 RPM on cross drills
• 6,000 RPM on front slide driven tooling
• 6,000 RPM on 360-degree B-axis tools
Swiss style long shaft system (option)
• Chip Conveyor & Bucket are standard

Equipped With

Includes- • Free Eurotech Lifetime training • Eurotech Technical and Engineering phone support • Edge Patriot 338 12 Foot barfeed • Chipblaster 1200 CFM Part collector

Spindle Hole Dia32 mm
# Axis8

Max Turning Diameter 35 mm (1.378") Max Machining Length Per Chucking 268mm (10.55") Max Drilling Diameter 20mm Max Tapping Diameter M16 Number of Tools 6 Dimension 16mm x 16mm x 120mm Number of Tools 2 Dimension 13 mm (ER20) Number of Tools 2 Dimension 13 mm (ER20) Number of Tools 6 Dimension 13 mm (ER20) Speed 6,000 RPM Number of Tools 3 Dimension 3 - 13mm (ER20) Speed 3,000 RPM Number of Tools 4 Dimension ER20 Number of Tools 3 Dimension ER20 Spindle Hole Diameter 35 mm Spindle Speed 8,000 RPM Angular movement Full C axis Horsepower 7.5 HP Spindle Hole Diameter 33 mm Spindle Speed 6,000 RPM Max Length for front eject 250 mm Angular movement 5 degree indexing Horsepower 3 HP X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2 709 IPM Max. internal diameter 28mm (1.10”)