“Affordable CNC Swiss Precision and Speed/ The used Star SA-12 CNC Lathe”

The Star SA-12 is a precision Swiss lathe. We currently have in stock 4 of these units in the 3 live tool set up (more detail below). They have been run with oil since they were put into production and have been well taken care of. In this article, we hope to answer all of your questions but in case we do not or if you would like more information, please contact us.

  • Control
  • Tooling
  • General Specs
  • Accessories

First things first, the control-The Star SA-12’s in our inventory are equipped with Fanuc 18iT Controls. Arguably, one of the most reliable CNC controls, Fanuc controls are easily justifiable on used machine. Typically, a bad control, drive, or motor can easily add add up to the be your most expensive repairs. But with the support system and warranties available for the Fanuc CNC control units, they are almost “risk free”– Labor, travel, and parts (servo motors, spindle motors, drives, control units, ect…) are all covered for a year starting at only $1,750. Contact us for more details and pricing on this control and warranty.

Tooling- The Star SA-12 has a very efficient and well thought out tooling setup. With over 13 tool stations, this swiss lathe is very versatile and can fit 17 separate tools.

  • 2 Slides working on both x and y axis
    • The Main Slide has 6 stations for static tooling
    • The Secondary Slide has 3 live tooling stations. (Be sure to check your machine as some also come with 2 live tool stations)
  • Back-working Attachment– This attachment has 4 stations allowing 8 static tools. These can be used on the main spindle or the sub-spindle. See pictures

General Specifications

MAIN Spindle Specifications

  • Spindle Speed: 500-12,000 RPM
  • Spindle HP: 5 HP
  • Spindle Index Increment: 15°
  • Static Tool: 9/32″
  • Power-driven Attachment: 5/32″
  • Spindle Slide – Static Tools: 6 Static
  • Spindle Rotary Tools: 3 Rotary (ER-11)
  • Rotary Tool Speed: 4,000 RPM
  • Rotary Tool HP: 1 HP

SUB Spindle Specifications

  • Spindle Speed: 500-8,000 RPM
  • Spindle HP: 2 HP
  • Back Working Tools: 4
  • Rapid traverse Rates (X1 & Y1): 708 IPM
  • Rapid traverse Rates (Z & Z1): 708 IPM
  • Machine Weight: 3,748 LBS

Accessories- Our SA-12 Lathes come with Part conveyors with a gantry, 12 Foot Iemca Genius 112 Barfeeders, and Cool Blaster High Pressure systems. These units came with the machines and have already been interfaced and set up with them. This will allow you ease of set up and save you from headache.

For more information on buying or selling used machinery, please contact us. Email: CNCteam@machinemaxx.com or call us at 352-888-6200

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