2010 Fryer SL-8 Lathe. “Like Brand New” – video below

The perfect choice for shops requiring high rigidity, accuracy and ease of use in a lathe.

Machine summary- Our Fryer SL-8 2″ Slant Bed Lathe is a single turret, single spindle lathe with a tail stock. It features a true 45° slant bed and box ways for greater rigidity. An ultra precision spindle cartridge, C1 class double-nut ballscrews and other premium components provide accuracy unmatched by any other lathe in this class. The Touch 2200 digital CNC is incredibly easy to use and features fast set-up and conversational programming. It comes equipped with an 8 inch chuck, a programmable tailstock, tooling, and a lift up chip conveyor. This SL-8 is the perfect choice for shops requiring a single turret lathe with high rigidity, accuracy, and ease of use at a great price.


  • 45 degree one piece slant bed
  • P4 NN roller spindle bearings
  • 30 HP Spindle with a high precision hydraulic chuck
  • Box way construction
  • Fast set-up and programming system
  • Shop floor and G code programming
  • Unmatched accuracy in its class
  • Tool and part probe system
  • Chip management system
  • Siemens CNC control

The control- The Fryer Siemens Touch 2200 CNC control provides an intuitive user interface that is excellent for turning applications.

  1. Fast set-up cycles, one button hot keys, and built in probe cycles speed the set-up process.
  2. Shop floor programming, G code programming, large program storage, and Ethernet connectivity speed the programming process.
  3. 3D solid model graphic verification, hand-wheel run, and easy interrupt speed the first article process.
  4. The tool management page stores your tool information and allows tools to be given tool numbers or actual names like .500 drill or .375 CBD end mill. Each tool can be managed for wear and switched automatically when the tool run time is reached.
  5. The part probe cycles makes part set-up simple. These cycles can also be used to measure the part and display dimensions on the screen, much like a CMM.
  6. The High-Speed Machining option lets you select 3 settings for the velocity, accuracy or surface quality to produce the workpiece at extremely high speed.
  7. Finally, this control includes 500 block look ahead and 1 millisecond block processing. After the part is programmed it can be simulated to show the operations and tool paths. Simulation will also work with programs brought in from a CAM system that were output in G code. Cycle time is displayed also.

General Specs:

  • Swing Over Bed 20”
  • Max Turning Diameter 12”
  • Working Length 16”
  • Distance Between Centers 19”
  • X-Axis Travel 7.5”
  • Z-Axis Travel 16”
  • Spindle Nose A2-6
  • Spindle Bore 2.4”
  • Bar Capacity 2”
  • Spindle Speed 5000 RPM
  • Spindle Motor (Peak) 30 HP
  • Quill Travel 4”
  • Quill Dia. 3.15”
  • Quill Taper Hole MT-4
  • Rapid Traverse 1200 IPM X and Z
  • Operating Dimensions 90” x 69” x70”
  • Machine Weight 11,500 lbs

Equipped with:

  • Touch Screen Control
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Programmable Tailstock
  • Tooling kit
  • 8 inch chuck